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Introduction 簡介 必修 綜合 選修: 電子商務 人力資源 市場學 服務管理 其他

The primary aim of the programme is to provide aspiring managers, from both private and public sectors, a professional education, in which their managerial competence and skills can be elevated, to better enable them to achieve their career goals. The MBA programme goes to the heart of modern management practices. It offers an experience-based learning approach, which looks behind the technical and analytical skills to the successful strategies used by managers in arriving at and implementing decisions for the rapid transformations in today's marketplace and organisations. Hotline


Core Courses 必修課程 Top 至頂

Course/ Code Description
Financial Accounting (AC5810) To provide an introduction to the financial statements provided by a business, the accounting process and fundamental accounting concepts. The concepts and techniques of analysing accounting information in a user decision making context are emphasized.
Financial Management (EF5040) This course aims to enable students both to understand the theory and practice of capital budgeting and financing decisions and to apply their knowledge to financial decisions.
Managerial Economics (EF5010) This course aims to develop the ability of a student to apply economic principles and quantitative techniques to solve business problems in the real-world.
Management Information Systems (IS5001) The aim of this course is to introduce students to the concept of Information Systems in organizations, and how Information Systems can assist managers in making decisions.
Management and Organizational Behaviour (MGT5304) To introduce and assess basic theories of managers' roles and responsibilities. To acquaint students with the nature, forms and scope of behaviour within business organizations.
Operations Management (MS5721) This course aims to provide the student with an understanding of the operational concepts and issues from the perspective of improved organizational competitiveness.
Principles of Marketing (MKT5601) The aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the practices of modern marketing and the role of marketing in the organisation.
Quantitative Methods (MS6731) This course aims to help develop a basic understanding of some of the widely used statistical and operations research techniques and their use for managerial decision making.

Integrated Courses 綜合課程 Top 至頂

Course/ Code Description
MBA Management (FB6700) This course aims to provide a vehicle for students to relate theory to practice and to demonstrate enhanced managerial competence through the investigation and analysis of a significant real problem in a chosen area of management operation or strategy, and by the implementation of appropriate proposals to tackle the problem.
MBA Residential Trip (FB6701) This course aims to integrate and consolidate a major part of the work previously covered on the course by applying it in a new and ambiguous situation outside Hong Kong.
Professional Forum (FB6702) This course aims to give participants insights into the practical aspects of doing business in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region as well as help participants build and enhance their business networking.
Strategic Management (MGT6502) This course is designed to integrate concepts of all functional disciplines, with special focus on strategy formulation, implementation and control at the corporate level.

Elective Courses 選修課程
e-Business 電子商務 Top 至頂

Course/ Code Description
Data Mining (MS6711) The course covers concepts fundamental to understanding and successfully applying data mining methods to business problems. The principles, algorithms, implementations and applications will be studied. Major techniques and statistical concepts are discussed without mathematically complex formulation.
Electronic Commerce Infrastructures and Security Management (IS6524) This course examines key infra-structural and security issues involved in Electronic Commerce transactions. Both electronic payment infrastructure and transactional security infrastructure will be covered.
Foundations of Electronic Business (IS6100) This course aims to provide a broad-based foundation for the study of Electronic Business (EB) through examining how new information technologies and networks (the Internet in particular) are used to affect the exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers and within organisations in the 21st century. It also critically examines a few contemporary electronic commerce applications.
Information Technology and BPR (IS6834) This course introduces the main concepts of business process reengineering (BPR), explains the enabling role of information technology, and demonstrates the application of BPR tools to the redesign of business processes. Particular attention will be paid to the role of Electronic Commerce (EC) in the enabling of BPR.

Human Resources Management 人力資源管理 Top 至頂

Course/ Code Description
Employee Selection and Development (MGT6319) The purpose of this course is to provide students with the theoretical background and tools needed to manage organisational entry and socialisation and organisational exits, to manage internal staffing, and to manage the careers of employees. Particular attention is paid to the roles of staffing, career management and development within the context of broader HRM strategies.
Interactive Skills Workshop (MGT6312) This course aims to provide students with an opportunity to practise, develop, refine, and extend their skills of group leadership, face-to-face communication, and other interactive skills in a safe and supportive learning climate.
Managerial Effectiveness (MGT6308) This course aims to offer students frameworks, concepts and tools for self development as a professional manager, and a supportive learning environment in which to carry it out.
Managing Employee Performance (MGT6318) The purpose of this course is to provide students with the theoretical background and tools needed to manage the performance of employees, and to design and use cost-effective compensation systems that will help motivate and reward employee productivity.
Managing Human Resources in the Mainland China (MGT6321) The aim of the course is to provide participants with practical knowledge of human resource management in China, Mainland, with focus on human resource issues in foreign-invested enterprises (FIE).
Organisational Design and Change (MGT6320) This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the theoretical tools required to analyse organisational structures and cultures and to assess organisational effectiveness. This course also aims to provide students with an understanding of the factors that require organisations to maintain stability and induce change, and the processes and techniques through which organisational change is implemented.
Strategic Human Resource Management (MGT6311) This course aims to provide students with an overview of contemporary analysis and practice in the area of human resource management with special relevance to Hong Kong conditions, and to develop within them a capacity to grasp the complexity of managing people where both individual and organizational expectations are part of the situation.

Marketing 市場學 Top 至頂

Course/ Code Description
Advertising Management (MKT6625) This course provides with knowledge to analyze and design effective advertising programs and the most updated and relevant information on the ever-changing world of advertising.
Consumer Behaviour (MKT6603) This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the state of the art theories, applications and measures of consumer behaviour.
E-Marketing and CRM (MKT5632) This course examines the fundamental changes in marketing caused by the Internet revolution and develops effective strategies to succeed on the Net. The course also teaches the use of web-based technologies to manage customer relations.
Services Marketing (MKT6622) This course provides to understand the characteristics of service; identify and address the marketing- relevant differences between services and goods; understand and address the current challenges in marketing services.
Strategic Marketing (MKT6606) This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the major strategic decisions that marketing managers encounters in its efforts to harmonize the objectives and resources of the organisation with the needs and opportunities in the global marketplace.

Services Management 服務管理 Top 至頂

Course/ Code Description
Business Research Methods (MS5214) This course aims to provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective business research. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to understand the rationale of a research method as it applies in a business setting; plan and carry out a business research project. Emphasis will be placed on the practical applications of research methods and the use of computer printout of the standard statistical packages.
Forecasting Methods for Business (MS6215) This course aims to introduce the students to the forecasting techniques commonly used in business. Emphasis is placed on applications using computer software and real life cases are used extensively to illustrate the use of techniques covered.
Quality Assurance and Management (MS6227) This course aims to introduce the basic concepts of total quality management and its applications in different industries.
Service Operations Management (MS6726) This course aims to provide the student with an overview of the operational concepts experienced mainly in service organizations and the issues they deal with to improve their competitiveness. Particular emphasis is given to Hong Kong firms that are in the service sector.
Supply Chain Management (MS6721) The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the current topics on the different aspects of Supply Chain Management and to help students to understand the industrial practices, challenges and opportunities in the area of Supply Chain Management.

Other electives 其他選修 Top 至頂

Course/ Code Description
Public Sector Accounting and Budgeting (AC6813) This course aims to introduce to the students a general concept of the objectives and functions of accounting and reporting systems for the public sector and an understanding of the objectives and process of the government budgets.
Management Accounting (AC6820) This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the theories, and practices of management accounting for reporting, planning and control, and decision making purposes. Students will develop from a user perspective modelling skills while obtaining and understanding of the management accounting theories and practices.
International Management Accounting (AC6821) This course aims to elaborate on the environment of multinational management accounting and the unique managerial accounting issues, techniques and practices to be used for an efficient conduct of multinational operations.
Accounting and Taxation Issues in China (AC6841) This course aims to introduce and examine the accounting and taxation systems in the People's Republic of China.
Accounting and Tax Planning: International Perspectives (AC6842) This course aims to introduce international accounting from the general principle to specific and practical financial and managerial accounting issues as well as tax planning.
International Financial Management (EF5143) This course aims to provide students with theories and techniques for making financial decisions in an international context, which are essential knowledge for financial managers in multi-national corporations.
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (EF5153) This course aims to develop students' ability to analyze the return generating process of assets including stocks, bonds, and the basic form of derivatives, and the explore how various assets can be combined to form efficient portfolios in the mean-variance framework.
Financial Risk Management (EF5156) This course aims to develop students' ability in pricing various derivatives securities. It will enable students to use financial models and techniques to perform arbitrage and hedging activities and to combine the basic capital market instruments and their derivatives to craft synthetic securities so as to facilitate risk management.
Management of Financial Institutions (EF5161) This course aims to examine the operations and dynamics of different types of financial institutions and the applications of the relevant financial theories in the management of their assets, liabilities and capital in the face of a constantly changing environment, with special reference to the management problems and issues arising in Hong Kong and other South-east Asian countries.
International Banking (EF5362) This course aims to enhance students' ability to manage international banks and other financial institutions, with particular attention to the environment of international banking in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries.
Information Systems Development Methods (IS6400) This course aims to probide a detailed knowledge of a range of different approaches to systems development; give a broad understanding of the principles and philosophies underlying systems development methods; provide frameworks within which methods can be assessed and compared.
Information Systems Audit (IS6500) This course aims to examine information systems auditing as an organizational function that evaluates asset safeguarding, data integrity, system effectiveness, and system efficiency in computerized information systems, with particular emphasis placed on the management of change required for security and control in both traditional and end-user oriented systems.
Information Systems Project Management (IS6501) This course aims to provide information systems managers with an up-to-date understanding of modern information systems methods.
Global Information Systems Strategies (IS6600) This course aims to examine the role of information systems in assisting achievement of corporate objectives, and to consider methods for strategic planning of information systems in a global setting.
Law for Managers (LW5923) The aim of this course is to introduce students to the nature of law in general and the function of law regarding business activity; the various laws, regulations and rules within the legal environment businesses are conducted; to examine basic obligations imposed by law; to give a practical understanding of responsibility which is both assumed and imposed regarding contracts and reasonable behaviour.
Entrepreneurship: Practice and Principles (MGT6501) This course aims to familiarize students working in business organizations with the entrepreneurial process of creating something different of value after assuming diverse risks.
International Business Management (MGT6508) This course aims to provide students with an international perspective on the operation of business, with emphasis on Asia.
Theories of Government and Public Administration (SA5101) This course aims to lay a strong foundation for the further study of public management by providing students with a thorough introduction to major concepts, theories, and historical developments related to public administration and management.
Values and Choice in Public and Social Policy (SA5401) This course aims to introduce students to contextual elements which affect policy making. Major concepts and definitions of social and public policy will be taught. Particular attention will be given to examining the range of influences on public and social policy.

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